Diverse Oxford

13 April - 6 May 2023 (closed on 1 May)
The Glass Tank Gallery

Oxford Brookes University students aim to capture and celebrate Oxford’s diversity, as well as diverse forms of telling these stories. The exhibition explores ways to re-create the archive by providing a space for marginalised (hi)stories. Students worked with archival artefacts and in collaboration with participants to develop and curate the exhibition.

About the artists

Oliver Preston
My name is Oliver Preston and I’m a current 3rd year film student at Oxford Brookes University. My project for this festival will focus on the daily life within Oxford and the people that go about their business, as I want to reflect the old photographic work from the archive but show the change of its people and the area of Oxford.

Abe King

I’m Abe King, a film student at Oxford Brookes. With this project I aim to explore a celebrated landmark in the heart of the city, The Covered Market. I’ve chosen to photograph and interview the working people of the market in hopes to capture not only the essence of the individuals but to discover links, relationships and similarities between people of a diverse background whom all fall under the same class.

Louis Thomson

My name is Louis Thomson, I am currently in my third year of University studying Film. I have a passion for photography and loved the idea of the exhibition. I decided to focus on the different communities in the famous Covered Market in the heart of Oxford city centre. I focused on the traditional stalls and shops that have been situated in the market for many years.

Ganghwi Yoon

My name is Ganghwi Yoon and I will be taking part of the Photo Oxford Festival by taking photos of the different diverse stalls in the Gloucester Green Market, which is a market full of different cultures and people. I will be using these photos to show the current diversity in Oxford and compare it to the older photos of Gloucester Green Market. 

Hugo Hackett

As a third year film student who possesses a passion for photography and art in general, the opportunity to capture the concept of diversity within Oxford appealed to me greatly. My contribution to this exhibition is a documentation and celebration of the queer artists of Oxford through a series of photographs and a trio of short films, inspired by classic literature and Pre-Raphaelite artwork.

Getting there

The Glass Tank Gallery  
Abercrombie Building, Oxford Brookes University, Gipsy Lane, OX3 0BP
Opening times: Mon - Fri, 9.00 - 17.00
13 April - 6 May 2023 (closed on 1 May)

The Glass Tank space on the Headington Campus has access to lifts and ramps for Disability access

You can easily access the venue via buses that are right outside of the campus



Alternatively the venue can be accessed via bike and car