Photo Oxford is part of the Oxford Cultural Anti-Racism Alliance, committed to making Oxford’s arts sector inclusive, welcoming and representative. See the Alliance's Manifesto for Radical Change.

Photo Oxford acknowledges the fact that all around the world people are fighting for a more inclusive world. In 2020 - the year of the pandemic - we witnessed significant upheaval accompanied by social and political unrest. In particular, the lives of Black people have been placed under a significant spotlight.

Photo Oxford appreciates that systemic racism does not appear nor disappear overnight. There is no quick fix, but that does not mean we are helpless. The world is calling out for change and we need to work together and acknowledge the racism we encounter. We need to listen more, talk more and learn more. But above all we need to take action.

Photo Oxford has sought to keep this thought uppermost in our minds as we have deliberated over putting together this international photography festival. To this end, we have endeavoured to follow the lead from the Black Lives Matter movement and create spaces for black imagination and creativity within the festival programme.