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Online Exhibition
In the blink of an eye – photography’s chronicle of the world

From 14 April 2023
Coming soon to the Alamy website

Since the invention of photography we’ve seen its unstoppable rise and use in news reporting and photojournalism. This exhibition showcases some of Alamy’s most iconic photos of the last 150 years whilst exploring the importance of how the news photos of today will become the archive of tomorrow.

Online Exhibition
Schultüte: A German (Photographic) Tradition, curated by Philip Grover

Coming soon to the Photo Oxford website

Collector and curator Philip Grover presents a photographic record of an enduring German tradition, the presentation of a paper cone or Schultüte to mark a child’s first day at school. From cartes de visite to personal prints, this is a record of a century of German and photographic history.

Online Exhibition
A Life in Colour: The Autochromes of Sir Robert Bland Bird Bt.

Coming soon to the Photo Oxford website

Oxford has a long history with colour photography and photographers using colour processes. The rediscovered archive of Robert Bland Bird (1876-1960) of autochrome plates is held by the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). This exhibition presents and discusses his colour photography between c.1915 and 1917.  Selected by Dr Michael Pritchard, RPS Director of Programmes.

Online Talk
Rose Teanby: Detecting Hidden Photographic History in the Bodleian Library, Oxford

25 April, 19:00 - 20:00
Free, online talk, book here 

Photo historian Rose Teanby investigates an unattributed photograph and other documents in the Bodleian archives linked to photography pioneers Anna Atkins, Constance Talbot and early photo chemist Mary Somerville. Detecting clues, Rose shines a new light on hidden archival treasures. 

Online Talk - cancelled
The Mobile Wunderkammer: Tracing the Ashmolean’s Founding Collections with Bettina von Zwehl


Photographer Bettina von Zwehl shares her research on the Ashmolean’s founding collections, given by Elias Ashmole to the University of Oxford in 1683. Hear how her residency at the Ashmolean has shifted her practice, and brought new perspectives to the Museum’s collections.